The Boogyman

Zbrush Creatures

A quick Zbrush Sculpt and Texture of a creature bust. 


Wireframe Pass

Boogyman Wireframe



Zbrush Creatures

The concept of incneumon was derived from series of 80 silohuettes. A brief concept sketch was created to help inspire a design of chosen silohuette. 


The concept sculpt for Ichneumon is 23 inches high and approximately 60 pounds. The sculpt was meant to harness the initial charm of the basic silohuette and breath life into a flat 2D concept.


The base mesh for Ichneumon was built in maya. It was then imported into Zbrush with its UVs for high resolution modeling

Fun Fact : In Latin, Icneumon means "enemy of dragons". It is believed that this creature is the precursor to mythological creatures such as the cockatrice and basilisk.

Concept Sculpt