Nebula Hippocampus

Creature Developement

The Concept Sculpt  was made in  six hours using Zbrush.


The Intitial Concept Sculpt was then Cleaned up and Re-defined. Proportions were slightly altered to achieve a more balanced silohuette, Hard edges were cleaned and strengthened. Additional large details were added. Smaller details will be refined and added during the texturing process. Finalized seahorse sculpt was sent to 3D coat to be retopologized for production pipeline.


The Nebula Hippocampus was Retopologized. The Body was reduced from 2.5 million polys to 4050 polys. The Gears have a higher resolution mesh due to extrusions. All the Gears and metal pieces Make up 10,700 polygons.. A Displacement map was used to project hi resolution Details onto the Low Resolution Mesh. A normal map was added as a personal preference to tighten up edges and add an extra level of detail. I chose to make the steam horse detail edges slightly rough as I have chosen to use a stone-like surface in the surfacing process. Snap Shots of the Steam Horse were rendered in Maya with Vray. 


Break Down

Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing ,Surfacing, Lighting & Rendering, Compositing


Look Development