Perceptions Floral Burst 

This pattern was initially inspired by Styrofoam ceiling tiles that I found online. I really liked the aged look that this particular pattern was going for , and ultimately made it metal, because the refence looked like it was trying to achieve a faux metal look. This material is completely procedural and there are controls to allow the user to change the pattern in the sbs- as seen on the right. It was developed in Substance designer and rendered in Iray with MDL. The sketch fab scene uses the PBR material model available.


Metal Loop Chain

The pattern for Metal loop chain is 100% procedural and built inside of Substance designer. The bitmaps were then added to a custom written MDL that gives the user the ability to control the color,  roughness, metal-ness, orientation and scale of the mesh. For Sketchfab, the material is rebuilt with the PBR material workflow. 


Copper Micro Chain Link

For this pattern, I modeled torus spirals in maya and layered them together before rendering a depth pass to import into substance designer. I used the depth pass to create color and opacity maps as well as colors in substance designer. The substance itself, allows you to change the color, selectivity, metal-ness, roughness, orientation and size of the bitmap. These properties are also reflected in the MDL. For sketchfab, the material is rebuilt with the PBR workflow material for Sketchfab. 

Cast Metal MDL

This material was created for the Design Catalog of Nvidia's free vMaterial library. The textures that help to describe the surface are extracted bitmaps from a procedural Substance created in Substance Designer.  This vMaterial aims to give the user infinite control over a cast metal appearance. The roughness of the surface, the color variation, and overall shine of the material among other material-specific parameters can be tweaked and controlled for unique looks.

The Oxidize Metal Material (below) was created for the Design Catalog of Nvidia's free vMaterial library.  This vMaterial uses a little bit of math as well as grunge masks, created and exported from substance designer , to allow a user to control the expansion and growth of Rust upon the surface. It also allows the user to control the amount of watermarks and scuffing visible on the surface among other parameters such as metal color, rust color, roughness and scale. 


Oxidized Metal MDL