Material Mood Boards 

With Nvidia's Vmaterials

I modeled, laid out and UV'd the assets in this project using Modo. The final images were rendered in Iray for Maya. All of the objects in these renders are using Nvidia's expansive Vmaterial library which is built off of MDL ( Material Definition Langauge). The vmaterial library is available on Nvidia's website and can be used in a variety of applications like Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D and Rhino. They can even be used across renderers. Vray fully supports Vmaterials as well as Iray and Mental Ray. To learn more about Vmaterials and MDL, feel free to check out the links to the left. 

Creating functional and flexible Vmaterials is part of my current job. The library has been curated and built by a handful of material artists dedicated to creating materials for architects and designers.


Break Down

Modeling, Texturing, Surfacing, Lighting & Rendering



Layout Development