The Textile MDL was built to add additional functionality to the fabric definition that was outlined in the MDL Handbook. While the fabric definition is great, it really only outlines the properties of shinier woven fabrics. I added the ability to soften the fabric with color properties that add an additional falloff. With these properties, you can achieve almost any kind of fabric from velvet to satin. This material is fairly advanced and is pretty intensive but the payoff is worth it. While working on this material, I created two other functions to add more artistic control. Check them out below! 

Falloff Color MDL
Additive Blend MDL

SD Blueprint

With the introduction of MDL in Substance Designer, I have been able to explore and achieve more complex and unique materials. It is an awesome tool that allows you to quickly visualize your material within an non-destructive node-based editing system. It has a compiler and everything you need to create and visualize your MDLs making it the perfect playground. 


While I prefer to write and format my own MDLs in code, Substance is still an integral part of my MDL creation process, because it gives me a visual blueprint  to follow, and confidence in knowing exactly how the final MDL will look and behave.