This page holds a collection of generators I created in Substance Designer



Knit Generator

I made this generator because I wanted a little more control and flexibility when creating fabric materials. 

 The Knit Generator emulates a stockinette stitch by creating a loop pattern. Choose between Purl and Knit patterns and control the offset, compression, size and detail in the overall stitches.

The Generator contains pattern-specific options and combining these attributes can achieve braided patterns, ribbed patterns and more.

This generator also allows you to control the yarn threads of the wales. You have the ability to make the threads thinner, to offset them, to layer them over the wales or to remove them completely.

This generator is free to use and available on Substance Share. The Generator comes with the SBS.

Scale Generator

Quickly iterate through multiple scale patterns with this generator. Control the shape and distortion of the scales on top of the patterning and variations that permeate through scales.

This Generator includes key controls to :

  • Change the shape of the scales between five distinct profiles.

  • Further refine the shape with distortion filters, and sculpting parameters.

  • Control how the scales layer and are oriented in relation to each other.

This Generator has been submitted to substance share. I will add the link here, once it goes live.