Abby & Emilia

For Dino Hunt

The base mesh for the female Styracosaurus was given to me for detail modeling. I achieved the fine scaling and wrinkle work through a combination of alphas, projections,  the clay brush inside of Zbrush. 


The texturing was done inside of mari. I relied heavily on extracted cavity maps, and edge masks to really help me to achieve unique and organic color schemes for the dinos. The colors for them are based off of stylized concept work by Dino Hunt Producer Frank Joseph Frelier.


The poses were pulled from Dino Hnt animation by director, Amrider Jassar. I cleaned up the poses slightly to make the turntable more dynamic feeling.


The Shaders for the Dinos were built inside of maya using Vray.

Break Down

Sculpting, Texturing ,Surfacing, Lighting & Rendering, Compositing